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We take tea seriously. How seriously?
Our mission to bring you the finest loose leaf has us on a worldwide search for the best blends available.

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All of our teas are ethically sourced through direct trade.

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We like to keep it clean, so you won’t be finding artificial flavoring in any of our teas.

Member Testimonials

5 stars all around!

Fantastic variety, cheap, fast, and very responsive customer service. 5 Stars all around! Thanks Dollar Tea Club.

Fredy K

“like most hipsters…”

Like most hipsters, I’m on board for most “Dollar Clubs.” But I have to say, Dollar Tea Club blows all the others out of the water. Their shipping is reliable, the teas taste great and the best part is, I don’t have to stand in pretentious tea shops where people think it’s socially acceptable to shove a tin in your face and say “smell this.”

Blaine M

“truly delicious”

Not only is the website user friendly, but the teas are truly delicious and arrive to your door at a very reasonable time. I love how every flavour is so unique and the tea’s of the month are an extra treat that come with your order. I would recommend joining the Dollar Tea Club to anyone!

Larisa K

“registering was quick and easy”

I have yet to try a flavor of tea I wasn’t in love with. Registering was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends. Who doesn’t like sitting in on a cold winter day and have quality tea delivered right to your door step.

Barry D

“laziness meets efficiency”

Laziness meets efficiency, an affordable selection of tea right to your door!

George L


So I placed my 1st order with Dollar Tea Club and was very excited to receive not only the teas that I’ve ordered but also very convenient accessories and additional samples for future orders. My original choice of Raspberry Lemonade and Blueberry Blast was absolute wonder taste! I am a regular drinker of Raspberry tea but this one made an outstanding impression on my taste buds. I can’t wait to try other choices and savour an amazing cup of hot tea from Dollar Tea Club. Thank you!

Irene B

“great selection”

Excellent customer service and great selection. The platform is seamless and making a cup of tea has become a nightly routine. Highly recommend!

Max G