This Is How You Can Infuse Herbal Tea into Your Big Day

It’s finally June, and, with this month comes the start of many people’s favorite season: Summer! June also happens to be a popular month for weddings; flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and temperatures are often warm but not insufferably so. It’s no wonder June is the wedding month, but if your guests are going to be sweatin’ it out at your beautiful wedding this Summer, why not cool them down and refresh your day with herbal tea?

More than just a beverage, herbal tea can be a significant part of your big day this wedding season. Loose-leaf tea (and perhaps a subscription to Dollar Tea Club) will come in handy this June; whether you’re attending a wedding or hosting one! To infuse herbal tea into your big day (or the wedding of a loved one), check out our tips for incorporating tea into your wedding festivities this summer.

For the Guests

The beginning of Summer is a time full of excitement; flowers are blooming, the weather has finally warmed up, and many couples are tying the knot. While it’s fun to attend weddings and spend time celebrating the marriage of your loved ones, it can be difficult to find a wedding gift that’s both thoughtful and unique (as well as budget friendly). A subscription to Dollar Tea Club is a perfect gift solution that your friends and loved ones will enjoy for months to come! With prices starting at $1 per month, you’ll be able to curate a gift that won’t be forgotten (and that is very delicious!).

There are also other subscription box services that your loved ones may enjoy and which you can gift them as a thoughtful gift for their wedding. We recently listed some of our favorite natural beauty boxes that make perfect gifts.

For the Hosts

If you’re hosting an engagement party or wedding shower, don’t rule out iced tea! You’re not going to want to hold these events indoors when the weather is warm and sunny, so iced tea will be the perfect refreshing drink to serve your guests. Dollar Tea Club has a variety of blends that taste great (and perhaps even better) over ice. We recommend serving Raspberry Lemonade, a light and sweet fruity tea that can be enjoyed all Summer long.

There are also creative cocktails that you can make using iced teas. Whether you’re a wine lover or a fan of the hard stuff, many recipes can be adapted using herbal tea. A delicious summer sangria can be created using Tutti-Frutti, white wine, simple syrup, and fresh fruit. It’s as simple as that! There’s also a Green Tea & Gin cocktail that can be made using – you guessed it – our Sencha Organic tea and gin, with a dash of lime juice and lemon syrup. These recipes are simple yet unique and can be incorporated into wedding showers and receptions for refreshing Summer cocktails and beverages your guests will gush over. 

And, when it comes time to give your guests a little “thank you” for being a part of your special day, consider gifting each table at your reception with individually-wrapped bags of fair trade tea, with small recipe cards for your favourite ways to enjoy loose leaf tea or organic beverages infused with Dollar Tea Club’s herbal tea blends.

Loose-leaf tea is such a versatile gift; there are so many ways to incorporate it into your big day, whether it’s boozy drink to serve your guests or as a wedding favor. That’s what makes it such a fun and unique gift! We hope that you enjoy this wedding season, whether you’re a guest, a host, or simply an avid wedding lover.

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