Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Simple… select a plan based on your quantity or/and preferences, and we’ll send you tea every month. Get random teas delivered every month or pick your own plan. Change your order anytime by adding, swapping, or removing teas.

No. There are NO fees to join the club.
You only pay for the tea you buy.

We don’t have one. No Contract, No Cancellation Fee, No Catch.
Cancel your subscription anytime hassle free.

1. Select or Create your Plan
2. Receive your order monthly
3. Login to change your order
4. Pause/Cancel your account anytime

Whether you fell in love with our tea and wanted more or filled up your cupboard and needed a break, our fully customization subscriptions got you covered. Login to your account anytime to change your order. So go ahead, swap that flavor you tried last month for your current tea.

General Questions

You can order anywhere from 6-100 cups of tea per month. The Explorer is a great way to try new blends and makes roughly 6-8 cups while our larger pouches make between 20-25 cups, depending type of tea and your personal preferences.

We do not offer this option at this time. Check back soon to see new updates.

We stand behind our word when we say “Premium Tea”. So if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our tea, simply email us at within 30days of delivery. Follow our Return Policy and we will gladly replace, exchange or give you refund/credit.

This option is not available at this time. Please check back for updates.

Step 1: Heat Water
Step 2: Measure Tea
Step 3: Steep
Step 4: Remove Tea & Enjoy
Steep times & temperatures are shown on all of our teas and can also be found in each teas description on our website.

Our smallest package, “The Explorer”, makes 6-8 cups of tea and is a great way to explore the world of tea.
Ps: tea makes a great gift!

Make sure to use the coupon code you received in the referral email when you checkout. If you did not receive an email or would like to change the email address for the coupon, contact us at and we’ll help you out.

Our pouches are heat sealed to ensure freshness. To open, simply tear at the top to reveal re-sealable zipper.


TeaBox is our nickname for your online shopping cart. Your TeaBox shows you everything that you will be receiving in the upcoming month. If left unchanged, you will receive the same order every month.

To stop receiving a certain tea, simply remove it from your TeaBox. To add items, click “Add to TeaBox” on the item you wish to receive. Your TeaBox will appear in the top right corner of your browser once logged in. You can add, remove or change the products in your TeaBox anytime.

Yes, you can put your account on a 1-month/pause. To pause your account, login and go to the following: my account > edit account > and click the [pause membership] button. Your subscription will return to its normal schedule automatically after the 1-month pause. Want to pause for longer? Send us an e-mail at

Go to the “Edit Address” page in “My Account” or contact us at and we’ll help you out.

This is most likely a payment issue. Go to my account > order history, click the “pay now” button and follow the steps. Send us an email at for any questions.

You can find the “my account” link on your account page as soon as your first order is placed. This allows you to control your account settings and edit your account information. If you wish to cancel before your first order ships, please contact us at as soon as possible.

Once placed, first orders cannot be changed. Customers may cancel first orders while still processing, however, once an order has been marked “shipped”, a customer may not cancel that order. If you would like to cancel an order or if you have any questions, please send us an email at

To cancel your order login and go to “My Account” > “Edit Account”. In the “Edit Account” tab you will find a link that says “Click Here for Membership Settings”, follow the steps here to cancel your account. We love exploring the world of tea with you and it makes us sad to see you go, so if you are experiencing any issues that we may be able to help you resolve please send us an e-mail at:


We currently ship to the United States and Canada. Stay tuned for more updates.

We charge a $3 flat rate for shipping anywhere in the US or Canada.

Currently we only ship to Canada and the U.S. Follow our Facebook page for international updates.

Orders are usually picked and shipped within 3 business days of a successfully processed payment. Once shipped, you can expect your tea to arrive between 3-8 business days. If you have any questions, please send us an email at

After you have received your first order you should receive your tea around the same time every month. Shipments may be ahead or behind by 2-3 business days.

No need to be home, your tea will be delivered to your mail box.

Oops! Please contact us at: and we’ll get everything sorted.

Once billed, please allow 3-8 business days for your first delivery. After your first order you should receive your TeaBox on approximately the same calendar day every month. Shipping may take up to 9 business days for US customers.

You can check the status of your order in the “Order History” tab on the “My Account” page.

Please contact us at for bulk order inquiries.

Sorry, we do not allow this feature at this time. Check back soon for more updates.


Unfortunately we currently do not accept PayPal. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Want to change your card on file or payment method? No problem.
Go to My Account > Payment Methods
* you will be able to add, remove, and change payment methods here.

We do not offer pre-paid memberships at this time. Check back soon for updates.

Not yet, although we are currently working on adding a Gift Card feature to our website. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Prices shown are in the currency of the country you reside in. Canadian customers will be charged the price shown in CAD, while US customers will be charged the price shown in USD.
E-mail for more information.

Sorry, we do not accept cheque or paypal at this time.

For security reasons our subscription service module only allows payments to be made online.


For custom order inquiries please contact us at

This all depends on the type of tea. Be sure to keep an eye on the tea information tab to see steeping suggestions.

A Dollar Tea Club spoon and infuser come free for the first month of “The Sommelier” and “The Sensei” packages. Additional spoons and infusers can be found in the “Tea Accessories” section in the teashop.

At the moment we only offer infusers, spoons and tea filters. We’ve been keeping an eye on some pretty neat & funny tea infusers so stay tuned for more 🙂

Check out our “Tea Accessory” section for tea filters. Tea filters are added to your subscription.

Yes, yes and yes! We look forward to bringing you 3 samples every month. These samples are available in our shop.

The filter is an empty teabag. To use a filter, simply fill with your proffered amount of tea and put inside a cup. Fill with hot water and let sit for recommended time.

All of our products are FDA, SGS & LFGB approved and certified. FDA, SGS and LFGB are terms for the American, Canadian and European food standard certification.

Tea is life. Well, technically tea is an “aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant” – Wikipedia 🙂

Tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide, its use dates back to 2373 B.C.
The evolution of tea has created many variations of tea, some of which do not even contain leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant (providing a caffeine free alternative for tea drinkers).
So what is tea? We’ll give you our definition.

“Tea is comfort; tea is warmth. It is both energy and relaxation. It is hydration for the body and lubrication of the soul. We live tea, breathe tea and drink tea because tea is fun, tea is love and tea is life.”

Our Tea

All of our tea is purchased through Direct Trade. By purchasing our tea through direct trade we can guarantee that the quality and consistency we aim for is met while ensuring fair trade practices are being carried out.

Our tea is imported from all over the world through direct trade. Check tea info in the teashop for information on specific teas.

We sell Black, Green, Oolong, Rooibos, Herbal, Wellness, Fruit and Iced tea. Check ’em out in the Teashop!

Yes, we have plenty! When browsing the shop, simply check the “Caffeine Free” section under “Extra Options” to see all caffeine-free blends.

We offer a selection of organic tea, however they are not labelled “USDA Organic”. All of the tea gardens we work with follow European Union pesticide restrictions, which are some of the strictest food standards in the world. While not all of our tea can be formally labeled as organic, oftentimes many organic teas have more pesticides than teas that are non-organic but follow European Union pesticide restrictions. To see our organic teas, simply click the “Organic” filter under “Extra Options” while browsing the teashop.

Great question! The amount of servings possible depends on tea type, personal strength preference and cup/mug size. Based on a standard 8oz cup and following our spoon measurements, each pouch should make anywhere between 20-25 cups of tea. This measurement does not include re-steeping.

Unopened tea will stay fresh for up to 2 years if kept in a dark, cool place. Once opened, tea has a shelf life of 6-12 months. Even long after both of these dates tea is safe to consume (best before dates indicate when tea may begin to lose smell and flavor)

We deal only with Direct Trade to ensure fair and ethical practices with the farmers/partners we work with. All of our partners (the farmers we work with) are paid fair wages and are treated respectfully.

We do not use artificial flavors. While many of our teas are naturally flavored from the spices, fruits and herbs they contain, some have added natural flavoring.

Our pouches are lined with a polyethylene food grade interior. They are airtight and a standard for food products in North America.

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